Butcher Stories: 

Customer: (Noun) A person with a glorious, amazing, and total absence of self awareness.

My name is Andy and for 20 years I have  manned a meat and seafood counter at a grocery store. While manning said counter, I provide an important service. I’m not talking about fulfilling people’s meat and seafood needs. No, I do something far more important. I deal with the general public, so you don’t have to. 

I present these stories as cautionary tales. Everyone has to shop, not everyone has to become a customer.

Butcher Stories has been featured on eBaum’s World and the Chive and has been adapted into a hit one man show!

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Andy Livengood

Andy Livengood is an comedian (and butcher) based out of Charleston, SC. He studied improv comedy at Theatre 99 (Charleston), The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (NY), and the Annoyance Theatre (Chicago).   He was voted Charleston’s Best Comic by the readers of the Charleston City Paper. Andy has been performing comedy for 15 years and has been a butcher for 20. 

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