Wonder What She’s Making

Customer: I was looking for peeled and deveined shrimp. I’m making shrimp creole.

Me: I’ve got some peeled and deveined shrimp right here.

Customer: I don’t want cooked. I want to make shrimp creole.

Me: They’re not cooked. They’re raw.

Customer: (sigh) I’m craving shrimp creole. I was gonna make some.

Me: Um....would you like some of these?

Customer: Show me what half a pound looks like. I want them for shrimp creole.

(I bag up half a pound)

Me: This is half a pound.

Customer: They’re so big. I want them for shrimp creole. How about these smaller ones. Give me half a pound.

(I bag up the smaller shrimp)

Me: Anything else?

Customer: (taking the shrimp) I’m making shrimp creole.