Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

Customer: How many shrimp are in a pound?

Me: There's about 30-40 in a pound.

Customer: Okay. I'll take a pound please.

(I start getting the shrimp)

Customer: Wait! Wait! Wait! I haven't told you which shrimp I wanted.

Me: I'm sorry. I thought you were pointing to this shrimp here in the middle.

Customer: That's right. But I haven't told you which shrimp yet. There's one sitting here near the front that I want.

(I try to reach the shrimp she's pointing at. Keep in mind because of the glass, I can't really tell where she is pointing)

Customer: No. Not that one. To the left. No. My left. Yes, that one. Now near the back is another one I want. It's kinda pointed to the left.

(After she hand selects each shrimp, I put the bag on the scale.)

Me: It's a little over a pound.

Customer: Take five shrimp out.

(I reach into the bag.)

Customer: Wait! Wait! dump them out, so I can tell you which five I'd like to lose.