One Word... Plastics

Customer: Where are your briskets?

Me: Right here!

Customer: That can't be right.

Me: What's wrong?

Customer: (looking at the vacuum packed Brisket and the vacuum packed eye of round beside it) No. No. No. No.

Me: I'm sorry?

Customer: Does all of your meat come like this?

Me: Like what?

Customer: In.....plastic?!?

Me: Um.....yes. All of our meat comes vacuum packed in plastic.

Customer: I don't think you can do that! That's not safe!

Me: Vacuum packaging ensures.....

Customer: I don't care about the vacuuming packaging...I care about the....the....plastic.

Me: It kinda has to be plastic if you want to seal out all of the air.

Customer: Well, maybe you should only get in what you need. Like one piece of the cow at a time.