Serving Size

 (A customer walks to the counter. Before I can even acknowledge her, she is looking around and frantically waving to get someone’s attention. I stop what I’m doing, and walk over)

Me: May I help you?

(She looks at the shrimp silently for awhile, without looking up at me)

Customer: Is this shrimp fresh?

Me: Yes, ma’am.  Would you like some?

Customer: (still having a conversation with her friend across the aisle) Yeah. John was thinking about going.....

(She looks up and sees I’m waiting to hear her order. )

Customer: (to herself) Let’s see.....five people.....three shrimp per person.....hmmmm....(to me) Give me 20 shrimp.

(She walks away. I bag up and price her shrimp.)

(A little while later she walks back to the counter to grab her shrimp)

Customer: How many shrimp did you put in here?!?

Me: You asked for 20.

Customer: (to herself) five people....four per person.....(to me) Put five more shrimp in here.

(She walks away again. I open her bag, throw in 5 shrimp and reprice it)

(She returns again)

Customer: Better put five more shrimp in!

(She walks away. I put 5 more shrimp in. This time, I wait until she comes back- just in case she wants more)

(She looks at me waiting to reweigh her shrimp )

Customer: What are you waiting for?!?!?