Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

 (The Customer Service Clerk walks back with a Customer)

Customer: See. That pack of chicken should be $2.99. Look at the sign.

Customer Service Clerk: That sign means it $2.99 a pound.

Customer:'s not very clear.

Customer Service Clerk: It says per pound. The "lb" is right beside the price.

Customer: Yeah...well....I'm not used to that. That's not the way you guys normally do it.

Customer Service Clerk: Excuse me. Did you guys just start using these signs?

Me: I mean, those are the same type of signs we've had the entire time I've worked here.

Customer: Yeah, but how long has this guy worked here? That's not saying much.

Me: Ive been here for awhile. It will be 19 years in July.

Customer: The sign is dumb.