The Tenderloin of Christmas Past

Coworker: This customer brought this tenderloin back for us to trim.  

Me: We’re really not supposed to do that once it’s left the store.  

Coworker: I already told her yes.  

Me: Okay.  

(I open the tenderloin and start trying to trim it. It starts  disintegrating in my hands; practically turning into water)  

(I look at the date on the wrapper. I can barely make out 1/12) 

Me: Um....there’s something wrong with your tenderloin.  

Customer: I bought it here!  

Me: When did you buy it?  

Customer: Last January.  

Me: So like a year ago?!?! 

Customer: I put in the freezer. I took it out three weeks ago to thaw out.  

Me: Ma’am, you can’t serve this tenderloin. You’ll make someone sick.  

Customer: But it’s Christmas!