Keep Digging

Customer: (looking at empty case) Where the hell is everything? I want seafood. 

Me: We’re not open yet, but I can get anything you need. I’m working to get the stuff out so we can open in two hours. 

Customer: Salmon. 

(I haven’t set up the fish yet, so I have to dig through several bins to find it.) 

Customer: Wait. How much is that a pound? 

(It’s a new sale, so I dig through the price tags to find the right one.) 

Me: It’s....$8.99. 

Customer: I’ll take it. 

(I hand him his salmon.)

Customer: You know, it would be a lot easier if that stuff was in the case. Don’t want to tell you your job, but all that searching around wastes time. 

How Much Is That Shrimp In The Window

Customer: One pound of shrimp.  

Me: Sure thing!  

(I start putting shrimp in a bag. I stop to throw it on the scale to see where I’m at)  

Customer: Can I look at that?  

(I show him how much is in the bag) 

Customer: How much is that?  

Me: (putting it back on the scale) 3/4 of a pound.  

Customer: I wanted a pound.  

Me: I wasn’t finished yet.  

(I put some more shrimp in the bag) 

Customer:Okay.  That’s fine right there.  

(I put in on the scale to print a price) 

Customer: How much was it? 

Me: .87 of a pound.  

Customer: ONE POUND!! How hard is that?! 

No way, Hosana

Customer: Do you have any chicken wings?

(The entire meat case is empty. I'm working out of three carts to fill the two foot section I'm standing at)

Me: I don't know, yet. We're still working on figuring out what we have and what survived the storm. I won't know for a while.

Customer: (pointing to an item in my cart. ) What's that?

Me: Corned beef.

Customer: That's just what I wanted.

(She picks it up)

Customer: How much is it?

Me: There's a price tag on it.

Customer: Full price?

Me: Yes, ma'am.

Customer: (Throwing it back into the counter, not the cart she got it out of) I'm not paying full price. Uh uh. No I'm not, Hosana.