Feeling Old

Customer: Why are the T-bones so cheap?

Me: They’re just the sale item this week.

Customer: What’s wrong with them? Are they old?

Me: No. I just got them in. They’re just on sale.

Customer: No way. I know how you operate. You put old stuff on sale. I’m not falling for that!

(She proceeds to buy a fillet mignon, the sale item from last week)

How Much Is That Shrimp In The Window

Customer: One pound of shrimp.  

Me: Sure thing!  

(I start putting shrimp in a bag. I stop to throw it on the scale to see where I’m at)  

Customer: Can I look at that?  

(I show him how much is in the bag) 

Customer: How much is that?  

Me: (putting it back on the scale) 3/4 of a pound.  

Customer: I wanted a pound.  

Me: I wasn’t finished yet.  

(I put some more shrimp in the bag) 

Customer:Okay.  That’s fine right there.  

(I put in on the scale to print a price) 

Customer: How much was it? 

Me: .87 of a pound.  

Customer: ONE POUND!! How hard is that?! 

No way, Hosana

Customer: Do you have any chicken wings?

(The entire meat case is empty. I'm working out of three carts to fill the two foot section I'm standing at)

Me: I don't know, yet. We're still working on figuring out what we have and what survived the storm. I won't know for a while.

Customer: (pointing to an item in my cart. ) What's that?

Me: Corned beef.

Customer: That's just what I wanted.

(She picks it up)

Customer: How much is it?

Me: There's a price tag on it.

Customer: Full price?

Me: Yes, ma'am.

Customer: (Throwing it back into the counter, not the cart she got it out of) I'm not paying full price. Uh uh. No I'm not, Hosana.