Southern Salmon

Customer: Where’s your local salmon?  

Me: We don’t get salmon from around here.  

Customer: Why the hell not?! 

Me: There isn’t salmon that comes from Charleston.  

Customer: You don’t know what you’re talking about!!  I’ve gotten Cooper River Salmon here before. The Cooper River is right out back! I mean, hello?

Me: We get Copper River Salmon from the Copper River in Alaska.  The season opens up next month.

Customer: You guys should label it better. 

Buy Local

Customer: This is crap! Look at this! This is disgraceful!

Me: Um..I’m sorry?

Customer: Look at all this FARM RAISED SHRIMP!!! Imported from Asia! This company should be ashamed of itself. What about wild caught local shrimp. This is disgusting!

Me: I have wild caught shrimp right here. It’s wild caught from Georgia. We haven’t started getting local shrimp yet, but this is fresh and wild caught.

(He stares at the shrimp and the $10.99 price tag.)

Customer: (After a few seconds) I’ll take a pound of the $6.99 shrimp.

Me: Yes sir.

(I get him a pound of the farm raised $6.99lb shrimp from Thailand.)